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ARRL Repeater Directories no longer use Kansas Listings, and ARRL no longer supports KARC

KARC will be considering reimplementing dues on a annual per repeater basis in 2018. More to come....


Physical Spacing guidelines:

3 levels of protection dependent on the HAAT, and Power Level of your Repeater.

Level 1-->

(45 Mile Protection Radius) For Repeaters that have a HAAT below 150 feet, and a power level of 50 watts or less.

Level 2-->

(55 Mile Protection Radius) For Repeaters that have a HAAT above 150 feet and below 450 feet, and a power level above 50 watts and below 200 Watts.

Level 3-->

(70 Mile Protection Radius) For Repeaters that have a HAAT above 450 feet, and a power level above 200 watts.

All Repeaters that don't have their ERP Antenna Height and Ground elevation on file, will be coordinated at level 1.

If you believe your machine may be miscategorized, please contact the coordinator ASAP so that we may provide the appropriate level of protection.


IF you do not see your repeater listed in the repeater section it is NOT a coordinated machine in Kansas. We have de-coordinated several machines that have been off the air more than 180 days, and would like to get rid of any others that are off the air. (This does not apply to those machines whose Trustee has notified KARC of maintenance) If you have any concerns, please email the Frequency Coordinator right away.
The database is in pretty good shape now, but please look at your listing carefully just to make sure.

If you would like to update any information about your repeater or would like to add a link to your website, please submit an update

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